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The Dark Roads

by Miasm

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Miasm is the latest project from musician and sound sculpture artist Jeremiah Savage. It is a journey in dreams extracted from the void. Lusty connections in the miasm of thought, shaped by Philosophy, Art, Literature, Science, Myths, Emotions, Madness and the many facets of life experience exploited in tandem through progressing music structures that evolve with ideas. Structures that are familiar like a broken memory or a remembered dream but progress like poetic cadences. The Dark Roads is a world inside, created with eyes closed.

We plunge in all directions, knowing no up or down. Spiraling through the infinite.. arranging chaos in structured bounds. Even the largest suns explode and die, the mightiest galaxies are ripped apart in the dark sky. What sacred games do we invent to wash away this blood? Close your eyes and listen..


“Eerie and atmospheric album with schizophrenic guitar melodies haunting vocals and dark shimmering sounds.”

-- hangthepope.com

"Sometimes, music manages to go beyond being just sounds. It paints a picture in the listener’s mind, connecting them to the artist and sharing with them all of the emotions and energy that it was written to convey. It’s not often that an artist can manage such a feat, and normally, it takes a full album to get the entire experience. But The Dark Roads, a work in progress album from one-man musical project Miasm, manages just that, and absolutely oozes with atmosphere from start to finish.

Every single track has so much character, it’s damn hard to believe this is all the work of just one man. And what’s more, the album isn’t even finished yet, being continually updated as each new song is written, and still all for free. It’s admirable, to say the very least.

'Origin Of Nothing' starts the whole affair off as it means to go on – namely, with sorrow-drenched guitars dancing elegantly together, with moody, menacing undertones. In fact, sorrow drenched in menace is about the best way to describe the general Miasma sound, although it doesn’t really do it justice - it’s hard to find one particular word to summarise the experience adequately. The vocals are a key factor in the atmosphere, and there’s something very shoegazey about Savage’s delivery of them on the opener in particular. His own lamentations bleed effortlessly in with those of the guitars, keeping the melancholic tone steady throughout. The piano near the end is particularly ear-catching, and manages to send shivers down my spine every time, without fail."

-- ripplemusic.blogspot.com

"The music on this EP is in fact very dreamy and immersive, using a wide variety of textures on the guitar work with the addition of keyboards and foggy vocals. It will provide you with an haunting and mysterious listen, while tactfully maintaining a strong unwinding effect."

-- suninscorpiomusic.blogspot.com

"Under the name Miasm, Utah’s Jeremiah Savage creates brooding, experimental music that largely escapes easy categorization or definition, yet surges forward with a palpable sense of purpose."

-- whitelikeheaven.tumblr.com




released March 14, 2014

All songs written and performed by Jeremiah Savage



all rights reserved


Miasm Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Ship Of Theseus
Ship Of Theseus

I drank the void of the self
I fed my soul to its fire
Off the shore of ashes
To sail with ghosts

I didn’t recognize
My reflection
In their eyes
Just a figure
formed from clouds of ash
Slowly fading
In the night, far away

In the forest dark
The senses awaken
I hear the whisper of
A cold wind
And the falling leaves
Crackling like existence
Rebirth in neurogenesis

Spreading like fractals
Written in the ice
In the boreal
Splitting symmetry
In four dimensions
Fighting against
The deliquesce of self
Into the encircling
Ocean black

I gaze into the black
All alone
A faceless beast
Slowly silhouetting
Its awakening eyes like torches
Gazing back
Into me
Track Name: Face On The Water
Face On The Water

There is no poetry without madness
The gods speech filters through its muse
Translated reflection
perception of beauty infused

A shapeless form lies in wait

Like a cold light in the gaze of my memory
Boreholing the skulls to free our devils inside them
Cleansing the mirrors of black bile stains
And the sea of our darkness keeps fading, invading

On a fugue shore
her uncurled fingers
draw me in..

Warm waves washing over my hand
Luring me into melancholia
A mass dream within sanitys’ asylum
chimeras in a watery grave

Dusk cloud storms, crashing waves
split immolation
Fleeting like a rain drop in torrential

Sinking hysteria just ripples on the sea
Track Name: Golgotha's Dream
Golgotha’s Dream

I must drink this poison
For my Father
In the garden
Where gnarled trees
Pierce a blood red sky

A taste like betrayal
That burns like fire
Its prey
Shedding fumes
Of odious gloom

Getting closer
shapes gather before my eyes
Adjusting to the night
Then vanish behind

The holiest veil
Torn away with nails

Empathy sewn
On apathetic face
Names are carved
Into empty space
With bloody knives
Carried tonight
On the road of dissonance
Entwined with a
Serpents vengence

Leading me
to the forbidden tree

From chaos to kingdom
From division to destruction
Good and evil expand
Collapse into the son of man

Alone in that dark hour
The Cosmos seethes
The Father sleeps
Casting us into the deep
Track Name: Elysium

Ineffable realms
Shot serene into a stream of words
Or a stream of blood
And carried away
With euphoric decay

Beyond the gates of horn and ivory
Flowing reflections of fields of green

Ghostly fumes whisper soft
That every open eye betrays
But those God-mad souls
Drunk on spirits of divine
And beatific visions
Their heaven frozen
Like those tired songs of angels
Locked in endless praise

In the garden of death
Those images bloom
With unbalanced rapture
And from unbearable sorrow
As sorrow feeds on itself with
Allostatic overload
Doomed to worship death
For it’s greatness devours

Absorb instead eternal rest
Like the glow against
Late autumn sky
Burning in it’s golden glory
Ascending cinders
To Elysium
Track Name: The Ninth
The Ninth

did the earth crack
it made no sound
but with every step i fall deeper
my skin is wearing down
scraping against the ground
i was looking for something
i thought it was you

i saw you in a dream
defying the unsleeping
i gave in and got lost
when i looked back
there was no one.
just a dim fading light
and the shaking never stops
in this labyrinth darkly lush

an aberration in that place
between sleep and wake
Imprints dwelling in
neuro degenerations
raving narrations
of hidden wanderers
abandoning all hope..

i’ll just close my eyes and
dream again
Track Name: Origin Of Nothing
Origin Of Nothing

God never made a tiny wing in his eternal life
and I can’t see its beauty through his light.

While sentience burns on the eve of chrysalis,
a thousand years is like a single day.
It’s nothing to the eons
the wing of a butterfly flutters on
with its whisper in the air,
a providence (triggering obscure influence on an
unfocused image) that resembles
infinite complexity.

Transferring energy through matter;
the many faces of “God”.

Heaven and Hell were born of nature
in this netherworld we create
with our eyes closed
From the origin of nothing -
before darkness, before everything.
But I can’t define “nothing”
so it defines me.
Track Name: Cradle Void
Cradle Void

In this broken pool of glass,
each piece reflecting
different parts of your face.
I’m bewitched into the forest
I wander far away

Curled fingers embrace
the edges lacerate
into my bloody hands

Pain triggers a memory sculpture in dust
Just before its devil stole it away
the end of the world hovers in space
Frozen like a picture trapped in the void
Between forgotten futures and history
a dream in the nightmare

Caught inside a paradox
Having to surrender to treason
the death of reason
Real life liquifies
into a mad dance with phantoms crossed

Mirrored infinite
Of inner observers
Track Name: Multiverse
The Multiverse

Listen to the voices in the river
flowing back into the chaos of the ocean
sinking deeper
shores of ether
Getting darker as her blue eye view dies
like a rose in the winter,
false elixirs
dissolve slowly in the ground
Make it last
the things that pass
through time
decay is all around

I talked to saviors,
White ghosts
Calling in vain through
The colors of twilight
Ceaselessly pleading
I’m screaming now
“Don’t walk away!”

As my conscious fades

Burning down forests
I run to the ocean
Where my eyes bleed discretely
Another day gone.

A wordless place
By moonlight

When I wake
All I see is the
Spirals in the depths of empty space
whose cold hands cradle consciousness (afraid)
The multiverse bubbles burst
And ebbing shores
disappear forever
Track Name: Eternal Return
Eternal Return

On the crossroads winter swans
Her shade beguiles the coming dawn
With sovereign whispers
That silence rivers
Frozen like her icy crown
Enthroned in clouds
White trancing gown
A blankets lure of warm deception
The sickle moon
Glares from the stygian night’s
Accumulating blight
So volatile I scarce remember
Like spilt ink on burning paper
A great flood of ocean sky embers
Spun on itself and within me
Cradled in this unthinking deep
Where fish have eyes but do not see

Swimming through the ages
In the black seas of the sages
The centuries vanish as the pages turn
The world moves on seasons return

A crucifixion
Cast its broken memories
Angrily upon me
With effigies of wicker flames
And ragged wood in splinter-red pores
A body lay before its bloodthirsty soul

Crystallized symmetry of her eyes
That shatters
The white falling sky
Against a canvas erased